Who is Zachary

Earlier Times

When I was young I really wanted to become a dolphin. Once I realized that really wasn't possible, I decided I wanted to be the "next Bill Gates" and started taking apart computers and websites with Netscape Navigator. The rest is, well, history..


I don't believe anything is perfect. It can always be improved, and we must learn from our past to make the future better. I believe technology can and will continue to change the world for better. It is important to push the envelope and keep learning.


When I was not giving the librarians more grey hair or wreaking havoc in the school computer lab, I was taking things apart and putting them back together again. Whether digitally or physically, I wanted to know how it worked. What drives me is a desire to learn more, and apply it.


"Do not look at the vessel, rather at what it contains."

My experience ranges from digital logic design on FPGAs, linux kernel tweaking in C, and even Flash. You don't use a driver on the green in golf, and in software you need to find the right tool for the job.

Most of my focus now is in web and mobile, I have worked at DocSTAR, The Adirondack Trust Company, and Transfinder Corporation using a wide range of technologies in each position. You can find more detail on LinkedIn.


  • Full Stack Development
  • Database Design
  • Software Architecture
  • Server Architecture


  • Front-End
  • Web Design
  • Mobile Apps
  • Responsive Design

Tools & Techniques

  • Source Control
  • Asset Pipelines
  • Code Review
  • Extreme Programming


  • Agile
  • Software Development Lifecycle
  • Strategy and Planing
  • Project Management


Quick! Someone get this man a keyboard.

Below is a collection of technologies I especially enjoy, organized by platform.

Please excuse the mess here, this section is coming soon!
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  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Desktop
  • Other

Anything Else

In case I missed something..

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in technology and work we forget about life balance. Below is a list of some things things I do outside of work and technology in general.


Traveling is one of the best ways to expand your mind. Things you see, touch, smell, and feel while traveling stay with you for a lifetime. I have traveled around the United States and Israel and I hope to make my way through Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America!


I really enjoy learning about history, especially the ancient world. The stories and tales of great leaders in biblical times has always sparked my imagination. I have alwayed wondered how the Egyptians, Israelites, Romans, Chinese, Greeks, and many other ancient cultures possessed the scientific knowledge to undergo the projects they did, as many wonders still stand today.


My favorite author by and large is the late Michael Crichton. His books inspired me to learn more about science and technology. Jurassic Park and State of Fear are two of his best works, if you know of another writer as gifted please let me know!