ParveZman - Are You Parve Yet?

No more guessing, worrying, or kvetching (oy vey!) about when you'll be parve. With ParveZman you'll always be sure when and what you can eat next!

Main features

ParveZman comes with some great features so you can get in, set your parve timer, and get on with your busy life without worrying when and what you can eat next!

Easy To Use

ParveZman comes preset with the standard 6 hours meat waiting time, and the user interface is super simple.. just click and go!


ParveZman comes standard with minhagim for dairy and meat for common traditions. Wait 5 hours and one minute? No problem! We've got you covered.


Not sure if you're parve yet? Simply open the app and it will tell show you remaining time until you're parve. Otherwise you can wait for the buzz of a notification, now let's eat!

Easy to use

Klutz proof! It's so simple even Bubbe and Zayde can use it!


Keep being a mensch! No matter where you're holding, ParveZman's got your back!


Anytime you aren't sure if you're parve yet, simply open the app and you'll know the exact minute you can have that ice cream or juicy steak!

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How to contact us

See a feature missing that you'd really like? Have a minhag we missed? Want to tell us how much you love ParveZman? Drop us a line using the form below and we'll get back to you! We're here 24/6!

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